Types of lines in Parimatch bets

Beginners ask what is a line in sports betting and how it is drawn up. This is a list of outcomes with exact odds, which the bookmaker sets on a particular result of the game event. The more diverse the outcomes, the more interesting it is for bettors to make bets. To attract customers, companies use additional murals and statistics. Each outcome corresponds to a certain factor, which B.C. can change at its own discretion. Developing your own Parimatch betting strategy, you can not do without a clear understanding of all the betting nuances. The question of what is the line in sports betting becomes clearer after reading the material below.

The most popular type of line in Parimatch bet is net outcomes. It is preferred by beginners who have not yet learned to make complex predictions. The main task is to guess how the match will end. There are only three options:

  • P1 - the victory of the first opponent;
  • P2 - the victory of his opponent;
  • X is a draw!

From these outcomes, a mural of 1 X2 or Moneyline is formed in competitions where no draw is provided. In the first case, it is possible to choose a double chance when making a deal. The prediction is made on the absence of a draw (one of the participants will win), the failure to win the first (1H) or the second (X2) team.

Professionals prefer to buy a head start to balance the chances of the two participants of the match. It is suitable for matches in which there is a clear leader. On the favorite is set a negative handicap, on the outsider - a positive. Thanks to the use of odds betters make bets on more favorable terms.

Total is a type of deal on the overall score of the match, which is expressed in the spelling as TB or TM. In the first case, in order to win, the number of goals must exceed the set figure, in the second - to be less than him.

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