What to choose in BC Parimatch rates for the outcome

Different bets on the outcome in the bookmaker Parimatch are on a certain result of a sports competition: a win, a draw or a defeat without taking into account other quotes. This term only applies after an event has ended. This type of bettor seems to be the most attractive, the most common and the most popular in every solid BC. Betting on the outcome in the parimatch bookmaker is at the heart of almost every line, provides tempting opportunities and has a noticeable impact on other markets.

In the popular BC Parimatch, the outcome rate is otherwise referred to as residents, and they usually have the following designation:

  • 1 - the first team (athlete) will win;
  • X - a draw will be recorded;
  • 2 - the second team (athlete) will win!

In competitions where a draw is not intended (e.g. tennis), a similar designation is 1-2, as opposed to Parimatch volleyball bettingFor example. Winning at the end of a fight is defined as the product of a factor on the amount of better better made. We should also not forget that each coefficient includes the margin (commission) of the establishments, which is especially important when playing long distances.

The benefits of residents