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StarCraft 2 is a sci-fi RTS (Real Time Strategy) from the well-known company Blizzard Entertainment. This game project is a direct sequel to the 1998 game of the same name. Remarkably, it was the first StarCraft that is considered the founder of modern esports.

What can you bet on?

Due to the peculiarities of the genre and gameplay of the game, unusual Starcraft 2 betting is allowed. For example, who will be the first to attack an opponent or destroy an enemy base.

Most bookmakers Parimatch include the following types of bets:

  • Outcome with the choice of the winner of the fight;
  • In the best of 7 mode, winning on one card, for fights;
  • Handicaps and totals on the cards won (only if the match is played in BO7);
  • Total duration of one card or the entire confrontation;
  • Long-term bets on the winner and prize-winners of the tournament.

Of course, the usual handicaps, totals, etc. are provided. The most interesting thing happens in live mode, where real drive and excitement reign, and the odds are much higher.

Separately, it is worth mentioning virtual Starcraft betting, namely that any player can bet virtual goods from their Steam accounts instead of real money or use the services of third-party sites.

Popular bet types

Handicap and total on cards. In order to correctly predict the outcome of a match, you need to know 100 percent what cards will be played. If the bettor does not have this information, then this bet is very unreliable. The final score 2: 0 (two cards) in favor of one of the players will mean that an even number of cards have been played in the match. The final score 2: 1 (3 cards) means that an odd number of cards have been played in the match.

Who will win a specific match. There are situations in some games when you can bet on the outcome of an individual match in a tournament series, or on a selected team that must win the series. In this type of bet, it is better to analyze the statistics and personal meetings of an esports player. Most of them give preference to the South Korean champions.

Futures rates. During a tournament, you can place futures bets on who will be the winner or how many games a player or team will win. One of the working strategies is a positive outcome for an outsider in short sparring matches (bo1-bo3), as well as choosing a winner by winrate in a game of equal strength.

Several options for the outcome. Difficult types of esports betting Starcraft, if you are not an expert in the genre of strategies or are not deeply familiar with tournament events, team compositions and the peculiarities of the game of individual athletes, then it is better to choose a simpler bet type.

The exact score. This type of bet is much easier to predict in StarCraft strategy than in classic sports like soccer or tennis. Depending on the format of the match, the player must win the previously approved number of cards. For example, a Korean favorite will in most cases beat an outsider from Europe with a score of 2: 0 on maps, provided that the match was played in the BO3 format.

Go to the Starcraft betting site and start winning money. This type of activity not only brings you income, but also the enjoyment of the game.

Among the common sports betting options of the bookmaker Parimatch, totals are taken into account – the total number of goals scored on the principle of more/less. During the pre-match analysis, you need to study the statistics of the two teams and calculate the average number of goals. TB is suitable for scoring matches with a lot of scoring chances. TB – in the duels of teams that prefer defense strategy and calm pace of play.

The individual total in Parimatch is not only the total amount of goals scored. Points received by an individual player or national team may be taken into account. Additional outcomes include odds, goals in the first (second) half, the presence of a penalty. The pairs of time-match, which are calculated by the participants, are popular.

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