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Parimatch Dota 2 Bonus

Bookmaker Parimatch sports betting provides a bonus to the first deposit. If you are not registered yet, then go to the Dota 2 betting site. And if you are registered, it is recommended from time to time to view “Personal Promotions” in your personal account. Great deals often appear there.

Live Dota 2 Betting

Standard strategies in esports disciplines, like in Dota 2, do not work, except for those who advise not to bet all the money in the hope of winning back or that 2-3 exact bets mean the love of Fortune. This is the Dogon strategy, in which the bet is 5-10% of the game balance, and Flat, in which the bet is a specific amount. Neither the percentage nor the amount changes depending on whether the participant won or not.

Dota 2 is a game of two teams of 5 gamers each. Each gamer chooses a character before the start of the competition. And there are 115 of them in the game. And each character during the match gets or develops skills and mastery. In pre-match events, it is impossible to foresee which character the gamer will get, and on which map the teams will play. Accordingly, this risk is often offset by high interest rates in the Line.

How can you increase the probability of winning with Live betting on Dota 2:

  • Dota 2 match status. How much teams want to win. Perhaps they are just practicing by studying rivals. The higher the class of the tournament, the more the gamers give their best and the less chance of an accidental victory. In addition, there may be an agreement between the two teams and one of them will masterfully merge the game, and the bookmaker, the organizer will not notice this.
  • Start of the match. Time of picks and bans. The teams provide an accurate roster of gamers as the starting lineup may have changed. There is little time to draw conclusions.
  • Peaks. Study which card the teams received in Dota 2, and which characters the gamers chose. Each character has skills, each has abilities, special characteristics.
  • The competition itself. Learn strategy and team play.
  • Video broadcasts. Many bookmakers offer to watch the online tournament on their website or on an external resource. It should be borne in mind that it is broadcast with a slight delay of up to 2 minutes. Therefore, you need to place bets ahead of time, if possible, anticipating the development of events on the map.
  • Odds. In Live games, the coefficients change depending on the superiority of forces between the teams. But also with some delay. It is necessary to analyze the composition of the teams and the professionalism of their members.

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Betting Tips for Dota 2

Bettors may experience difficulties due to different interpretations of the results when calculating the bet. For example, if you bet that the first map in Dota 2 will last no more than 35 minutes, and according to the game timer it ends at 34:01, then some bookmakers may count the loss, since, according to the rules of a particular bookmaker, this bet is not took into account the 35th minute.

In order not to get into such a situation, carefully study the rules of the Dota 2 betting bookmaker in the “Esports Betting” section.

The teamwork of the Dota 2 roster largely determines the outcome of the meeting. This must be taken into account when making Dota betting.

If you bet before the start of the match, then first of all pay attention to the joint experience of the players. If the team has not played with the current lineup and the month, the players will have communication problems.

How to bet on Dota 2 in Parimatch?

To start playing in the betting company “Pari-Match” you need to replenish your betting account. You can do this in the “Top up account” section next to your first and last name.

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Among the common sports betting options of the bookmaker Parimatch, totals are taken into account – the total number of goals scored on the principle of more/less. During the pre-match analysis, you need to study the statistics of the two teams and calculate the average number of goals. TB is suitable for scoring matches with a lot of scoring chances. TB – in the duels of teams that prefer defense strategy and calm pace of play.

The individual total in Parimatch is not only the total amount of goals scored. Points received by an individual player or national team may be taken into account. Additional outcomes include odds, goals in the first (second) half, the presence of a penalty. The pairs of time-match, which are calculated by the participants, are popular.

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